Remi Oyeyemi


 ‘Remi Oyeyemi, ABA, M.Ed., BA (Hons), Dip. Journ.  the Vice- Chairman of SA&B Global Resources (US) Inc. and SA&B Global Resources Namibia PTY Limited, studied both in Nigeria and the USA. He is a consummate journalist and writer, real estate mogul, farmer, and distinguished consultant in the field of Mental and Behavioral Health.

Oyeyemi who has purchased, sold, built (and still building) and owned many landed properties in the USA and Nigeria since 2003, was the Assistant National Secretary of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (1992-1993); Founding National Secretary, League of Democratic Journalists (1995); member of League of Veteran Journalists, Nigeria and National Association of African Journalists, USA.

A former member of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and a media resource consultant to many advertising and public relation companies. He has held many political appointments in his country of birth, Nigeria. Oyeyemi who has won several awards locally and internationally was listed in “WHO IS WHO” of the NIGERIA MEDIA WORLD in 1993. In 1998, he was honoured as one of the Outstanding Poets of the Year by the US National Library of Poetry.

Oyeyemi’s poems have been published in several anthologies including Amidst the Splendor, Tranquil Rains of Summer, and America at the Millennium. He is the author of “Songs From Exile”. Oyeyemi is a member of several professional organizations.

Oyeyemi has varied experience as the Founder and Chief Consultant of Mount Zion Mental and Behavioral Health Services, Chief Executive Director of Mount Zion Properties, and Vice-President of Zion Wheels all based in the USA. He founded ROC Communications Nigeria Limited and is the Chairman of the Peerless Group Nigeria Limited. He is also the Chairman of Rembod Global Resources (US) Incorporated.